Assistance in negotiations

Assistance in negotiations

What we can do for you

In sports, negotiations take place all the time. Intermediaries, players, club officials etc. regularly have to negotiate contracts, such as employment contracts, transfer or sponsoring agreements.

The assistance of a specialized negotiator may have various advantages, such as:

  • The exact interests of the client may be worked out together in the preparation phase
  • Traps may be avoided during the negotiations
  • The atmosphere during the negotiations may be improved
  • The interests of the other party may be understood better
  • The negotiation takes place in a structured way
  • Misunderstandings because of language barriers may be reduced

All the mentioned points will lead to better results in your negotiation.


VIVA Sports Law – Consulting consists of professionals specially trained in negotiation skills and may assist you in the following ways:

– in the preparation phase of negotiations

– during the negotiation process itself representing or assisting a client

– in the role of an independent moderator of a negotiation process