1. Seminar on Sports law, Lausanne

    Kings Chambers organized a seminar on selected sports law issues in Lausanne. Topics such as CAS Arbitration, implementation of CAS Awards and case law in football cases were discussed. High profile participants from the Sports law sector from Switzerland and the United Kingdom attended this seminar which was a wonderful opportunity to get important updates on the topics and to meet and greet colleagues.

  2. AIAF Congres, Lausanne

    The International Association for Football Lawyers (AIAF) organized a two-day congres in Lausanne. With a creative and innovative format, there were interesting podium discussions and plenty of opportunities for networking for the top lawyers in football. Among the topics discussed were the new version of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, UEFA Financial Fair Play and Third Party Ownership.

  3. Soirée de droit du Sport, Zürich

    The Swiss Association for Sportslaw (ASDS) organized a gahtering of sports lawyers in Zurich. At this occasion various topics such as the jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and doping-cases were discussed.

  4. Lecture at AISTS, Lausanne

    Volker Hesse was invited by the AISTS to hold a lecture on legal issues in doping at the Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology. Around 40 students from various countries followed that lecture. It was great to meet this dedicated and talented group of future sports managers.

  5. WADA Symposium in Lausanne

    Volker Hesse participated at the WADA Symposium  from 21 to 23 March 2018 in Lausanne where he had the possibility to meet and discuss with representatives of International Federations, National Anti-Doping Organisations, UNESCO, WADA, service providers etc. on various issues in the Anti-Doping field.

  6. UCI renews appointment of Volker Hesse

    The Union Cycliste Internationale renewed the appointment of Volker Hesse as a member of the UCI Disciplinary Commission and the UCI Arbitral Board.

  7. Volker Hesse becomes accredited mediator at the Swiss Federation of Mediation

    The Swiss Federation of Mediation (Schweizerischer Dachverband Mediation) is the head association of various mediation institutions in Switzerland ensuring  a high level of education and experience of its accredited mediators. Volker Hesse is proud to become an accredited member of the Swiss Federation of Mediation.

  8. Seminar on short-time mediation, Konstanz, Germany

    Volker Hesse participated in a two-day seminar in order to improve his skills as mediator. During the seminar a new concept of mediation was introduced – called “short-time mediation” which seems to be well suited for various disputes in sports.

    One of the advantages of mediation procedures compared to proceedures at arbitration tribunals or state courts is that mediation is usually much faster. While regular mediation proceedures require a couple of meetings  between the parties and the mediator, a new concept was designed that makes it possible that a mediation procedure is conducted in one single session. In such a “short-time mediation”, the parties meet with the mediator for a pre-defined time frame with the aim to work out a solution for their present conflict. The independant mediator helps both parties in this process without judging or making a decision. As such, the parties keep the decision-making power in their conflict which is one of the main differences to arbitration procedures. This “short-time mediation” is particuliary well suited for conflicts in which there is a big geographical distance between the parties, where the ressources of the parties are limited and where a fast solution is required for the conflict.

  9. Anti-Doping Summit in Macolin, Switzerland

    Volker Hesse will participate in a two-day “Anti-Doping Summit” in Macolin, Switzerland on 28 and 29 April 2017. The topic of this event “A Fresh Look at the Science, Legal, and Policy Aspects of Anti-Doping” will bring together specialists in the field of anti-doping with different backgrounds.

  10. Volker Hesse hold lecture at the MAS in Sport Administration

    The AISTS Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology (MAS in Sport Administration) is an international postgraduate programme in sports management located in Lausanne. Volker Hesse hold a lecture about legal issues in doping at the class consisting of international students.