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Whenever and wherever human beings are together, conflicts may arise. In the world of sports, these conflicts may arise in various constellations, for example between;

  • a club and a player regarding an employment contract,
  • two clubs regarding a transfer agreement,
  • a coach and an athlete,
  • an agent and a player,
  • an athlete and his national federation,
  • two players of the same team,
  • etc.

The escalation of such conflicts may have disastrous results for all parties concerned. Disputes in sports, for example with regard to a transfer agreement or an employment contract between a player and a club, are usually submitted to a court, an arbitration tribunal (e.g. CAS) or an internal committee of a federation (e.g. FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber/Players’ Status Committee).

Most people don’t know that there is a different procedure to resolve such disputes – by the way of MEDIATION.

What is a mediation procedure?

Mediation is a modern and efficient form of dispute resolution. In traditional dispute resolution mechanisms, a judge or an arbitrator makes a decision.

In mediation procedures, the parties themselves have to actively communicate with each other and have to find together a solution for their dispute. The parties are supported in this procedure by an independent and specially trained person – the mediator. The mediator has no authority to impose a decision like a judge or an arbitrator – as such the parties keep the control over the dispute.

You think that this does not work?

  • Statistics show that more than 65% of mediation procedures related to sports end successfully.

What are the advantages of mediation procedures?

  • Mediation procedures are usually much quicker than the traditional procedures at arbitration tribunals or courts and can be terminated – in certain cases – in one session only;
  • The costs of mediation procedures are usually much lower than at traditional court or arbitration procedures;
  • Mediation procedures are voluntary and confidential;

What can we do for you?

Volker Hesse has vast experience in sports-disputes and is a trained mediator. With this combined knowledge and skills, he offers his services as a mediator in sports related disputes. Contact Volker Hesse if you want to know more about mediation procedures in sports at